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Independent law firm dedicated to taxation

  • Founded in March 2019, KEELS brings together professionals each with experience in leading UK/US or French firms, who wished to embark in an entrepreneurial project focussed on taxation and share common values.
  • KEELS assists French and foreign groups, investment fund management companies, businessmen, executives, investors, management teams and family-owned businesses with all their complex transactions.
  • KEELS advises on the tax management of private equity and M&A transactions or, more generally, on companies' tax management. Our advisory services also focus on the tax structuring of management packages, the structuring or restructuring of professional or family assets, and the management of tax disputes. Our partners network allows us to offer an all-inclusive assistance, including in specific areas such as the technical review of the Research Tax Credit [Crédit d'impôt recherche, CIR], the analysis of the economic aspects of transfer pricing policies or the review of customs matters.
  • Our network of renowned foreign law firms allows us to also assist our clients in foreign and cross-border transactions.

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The philosophy

The word "keel" in the English language comes from Old English cēol, Old Norse kjóll, = "ship" or "keel".

The keel is the lowest longitudinal structural element of a ship. The keel is often the first part of a ship's hull to be built. The laying of the keel, or the placement of the keel in the cradle in which the ship will be built, can mark the beginning of its construction.

It keeps the latter in balance and serves as an anti-drift plan. Invisible, located be-low the waterline, the keel therefore plays an essential role in ensur-ing stability and thus contributing to improving the performance of the vessel it equips.

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